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Acupuncture is certainly more than a technique of inserting tiny thread-like needles into acupuncture points along meridians or pathways. Acupuncture is:


A complex system of diagnosis and treatment that views the person as a whole being.

A system of Oriental Medicine that is thousands of years old.

Well-grounded in science and the laws of nature.

Refined, well tested and has been meticulously documented over its thousands of years of refinement.


In Oriental Medicine we recognize that there is a vital force or energy called Chi (pronounced chee; sometimes spelled Qi or Ki) within the body, which controls the working of every organ system.


In an illness, Chi is impaired for some reason. Acupuncture directly affects this energy at special points (acupuncture points) located along the energy meridians or pathways. When a needle is gently inserted into these acupuncture points, the needle produces subtle changes in the flow of Chi allowing the body to restore balance in the flow of Chi.


Once inserted, the needle can be manipulated to bring Chi into a deficient organ, disperse Chi when there is excess and remove blockages of Chi according to the individual needs of the patient. As the balance of Chi is restored, symptoms of the illness resolve and a condition of health is once again achieved.

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"I have arthritis in my low back and have suffered with back pain since 1978. I have been seeing Tom since June. I haven't been to the orthopedic or pain management doctor. I haven't taken any prescription drugs for pain in my back, hip or shoulder. I have been able to play golf this year for the first time in years without pain in

my shoulder."

-- Connie Walters

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