Here are some frequently asked questions

If you have any specific questions that are not on our list feel free to contact our office.

Are the needles sterile?

Yes. Only the highest quality stainless steel disposable needles are used in the treatment rooms. The needles are pre-sterilized, individually packaged and disposed of after use.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Since the needles are about the thinness of a hair, insertion is often hardly felt at all. There may be an occasional sharpness or a dull ache, but these sensations are only momentary and are far less unpleasant than a western injection.

What will I notice after the first treatment?

Of course, each patient is individually different. With this in mind, we understand that patients notice different outcomes following each and every treatment. Typically, you may feel quite relaxed; you may feel lighter, less stressed. Patients report differing levels of resolution of pain if that was an initial presenting issue. Some patients report becoming quite tired, in a very good sense, in the hours following the initial treatment. In the days following the initial treatment, you may notice the subtle sense of changes taking place within your body.

These changes are shifts occurring in your body, mind and spirit. The shifts are a very good response. The shifts indicate progress and are a validation that you are coming into balance. A note of caution is indicated here – should you not feel or sense the responses mentioned above, it is not a matter of concern. Please remember, each patient is uniquely different. You may or may not notice the changes initially, but know the changes are taking place, 


How many treatments are necessary and how often?

The answer to this question varies from person to person and you cannot be guided by the experience of other patients. So much depends upon the severity of the imbalances or interference to the flow of Chi within your body. Also, you must consider how long you have suffered from the symptoms, as well as lifestyle and other factors contributing to your overall condition. Typically, treatments are scheduled once per week for several weeks. We consider six to eight treatments the minimum as you evaluate the efficacy of Oriental medicine as part of your healthcare. As you improve, appointments are reduced in frequency.

How long does a treatment take and what actually happens?

Treatments at Acupuncture of Indiana typically take one hour. Once in the treatment room, you have the opportunity to share how you have been, how you feel, what is happening in your life. All of your sharing is important to us and greatly aids in determining which acupuncture points are called for at that time. Throughout the treatment we will monitor your pulses and adjust our treatment based upon the changes we notice. Each time we gently insert a needle or apply moxa (an herb) to an acupuncture point we anticipate a change in the quality and flow of your Chi (energy). Often, there is time for you to relax and let the affects of your treatment begin to "settle in".

Can acupuncture treatment help with non-physical issues?

Yes, indeed. Classical Five Element Acupuncture views the body, mind and spirit as a whole. All physical symptoms or disease will be caused by an imbalance. Likewise, all symptoms and diseases will cause an imbalance in the mental outlook and the spirit of the patient. This may manifest as depression, anger, anxiety, sadness and so on. Mental disturbances, stress, and emotional conflicts will cause ill effects in the physical body such as insomnia, lack of appetite, fatigue, menstrual disorders, migraines, susceptibility to disease, aches, pains and any Western labeled disease one can imagine. Many imbalances manifest in some form on all levels or all part of the whole.


"Through Five Element acupuncture it is clear that Tom not only sees the "real me", he also understands how to treat me and my individual needs. I now travel from Louisiana to Indiana once a month for my treatments. My life is great, I am in a wonderful relationship, I feel I am living my life now.

-- Maryann, Lafayette, LA

Is Acupuncture a Medical Procedure?

Oriental Medicine is an approved medical system, which is well researched and documented. The methods and treatments practiced at Acupuncture of Indiana are approved medical procedures and are practiced within national and internationally accepted standards of care guidelines. Oriental medicine and its benefits are well documented, approved and supported by the World Health Organizations (WHO), the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA) and many insurance providers for treatment of an extensive range of health illnesses and issues.

What about medication and other medical care?

Classical Five Element Acupuncture may certainly be used in cooperation with other medical care. At Acupuncture of Indiana we are combining an expertise in Oriental Medicine with nearly 30 years of Western healthcare practice. It is important for us to know which medications you are taking as this is a consideration in your treatment planning.


As acupuncture treatments progress and you are moving from a condition of illness into a state of health, it may be appropriate to reduce or discontinue medications. At Acupuncture of Indiana we recommend this reduction or elimination of medications only be done with the cooperation of the prescribing physician.


For critical medical emergencies, your personal physician or emergency service facility should be contacted

Is acupuncture or Oriental Medicine effective on children?

Yes. There is no lower age limit when it comes to Oriental Medicine. Often, young children respond quite well to moxa alone, Qi Gong, or a very minimal use of needles. For children quite sensitive to needles we use special pediatric devices, which merely tap the surface of the skin and are quite painless.

Will acupuncture benefit someone who is very skeptical or does not understand?

Yes. The healing process will not be affected in any way by a patient's skeptical attitude or lack of understanding. I often share the fact that for thousands of years, acupuncture has been used successfully as a veterinary medicine system to treat animals in China and other countries. The horses, cows, dogs and cats certainly did not understand the principles or nuances of the acupuncture medicine, yet its effectiveness is well documented throughout the years.

Will insurance cover the cost of acupuncture?

In the Mid-west region of the country, some insurance companies cover some or all costs of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Please check with your health insurance carrier regarding your particular healthcare policy. At Acupuncture of Indiana we are happy to provide you with a detailed Practitioner's Statement, which you can submit, along with your carrier's claim form, to obtain reimbursement for your Acupuncture costs. We do not file insurance claims from this practice. All treatments are payable at the time of service. At Acupuncture of Indiana we accept cash, checks, Mastercard and VISA cards.